Friday, June 24, 2011

UNCOMFORTABLY Increasing $ACADEMIC info Tech? More/less "Shared governance"?

Academic IT "out of control"? #vwwt2000 Predctn9 
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PREDICTION #9 OF 20 from year 2000  Still likely?
Increase Technology Investments; Forums for Exploration, Planning, Advice
Presidents, boards, and other academic leaders will continue to increase institutional resource allocations for academic uses of information technology – and to be uncomfortable about doing so. Consequently, more colleges and universities will form internal groups representing diverse constituencies (faculty, academic support professionals, administrators, students, …) and provide them with a forum to:
  • Explore and develop ways of improving teaching and learning – with technology. 
  • Plan for the continuing integration of new technology applications into all scholarly work and for the institutionalization of change. 
  • Offer academic leaders the best advice and help them shape related policies and decisions. 
[These groups are like TLTRs -- Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtables.]
See also:   TMI/TMO/TLT/TL$   & 
Why TLT Roundtables are coming back: CRISIS...LURCH...TLTR2!
[In 2000, I didn't anticipate the impact of the current economic recession, the increasing pressure to use technology to increase student/faculty ratio, the increasing workload for full-time faculty, and the increasing ACADEMIC role of technology neither owned nor controlled by the institution. - Steve Gilbert, 2011]

- 7th of 20 predictions from "A New Vision Worth Working Toward: Connected Education and Collaborative Change," Steven W. Gilbert, 2000-2006, First version published via AAHESGIT listserv January, 2000; PDF of full article


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