Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Frugal Innovations? CHURNING

We churn.  We are churned.  We live in churning.  

Too many demands for our time, energy, attention.

Most churning advances nothing we care about.
Much churning advances nothing at all.

Most of us still care deeply about improving teaching and learning.
But only in ways that can preserve or enhance what we value most - professionally and personally.

We are too often overwhelmed by the gap between what we hope and what we can do.

That's why we need Frugal Innovations.  Now.

What to do?  Keep Trying.  Keep asking:  
"What are a few good things we can do soon?"

Fundamental Questions for Frugal Innovations

Adapt and use our Fundamental Questions for Frugal Innovations to help sharpen your Vision Worth Working Toward and focus your efforts on a few  "low-threshold" improvements in teaching and learning that are worthwhile, easy to begin, and easy to share.


IMAGE:  "This satellite image of Hurricane Alberto churning across the northern Atlantic Ocean was captured by the OrbView-2 satellite on August 21, 2000. NASA's QuikScat and TRMM missions are beginning to show scientists what's underneath the obscuring clouds of these great storms."
By User Juan andrés on en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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