Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Faculty Responsibilities, Increasing Workload for All

#vwwt2000 PREDICTION #12 OF 20 from year 2000 
Still likely?
New Faculty Responsibilities, Increasing Workload for All
See also: Overloaditorium

More faculty members will decide that their professional responsibilities include keeping current with the knowledge accumulating in their fields, pedagogical options, and supportive technology applications. The workload for faculty, academic support professionals, and academic administrators will continue to increase. 

[In year 2000 I didn't anticipate the VARIETY of portable/mobile digital devices that would be in common use by 2011.]

See also:

“I’ve got to go home; I really need to get some work done."
and see:  Overloaditorium
Our Motto: If working 24 hours a day isn't enough, you have to work nights. 
- James Moss, 1985, USNA
Our Challenge: TMI/TMO/TLT/TL$
Too Much Information / Too Many Options / Too Little Time / Too Little Money!
- Steven W. Gilbert, Founding President, TLT Group
You don't have time for this! Or anything else! ...but...:

and see:   "Overload Syndrome"

- 12th of 20 predictions from "A New Vision Worth Working Toward: Connected Education and Collaborative Change," Steven W. Gilbert, 2000-2006, First version published via AAHESGIT listserv January, 2000; PDF of full article

Image: Photo of overloaded truck, Mali, June 2008 Source:  Safari, Uploaded by mangostar, Author Ferdinand Reus from Arnhem, Holland
By Ferdinand Reus from Arnhem, Holland (Safari  Uploaded by mangostar) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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