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Top 10 Trends Academic Libraries

$challenges, digitization, mobile devices, collaboration, physical->virtual, intprop -

ACRL 2010 study.
Collection growth, patron demand, budget challenges, diverse skills, accountability, digitization, mobile devices, collaboration, scholarly communication, intellectual property, technology, physical -> virtual
• Academic library collection growth is driven by patron demand and will include new resource types.
• Budget challenges will continue and libraries will evolve as a result.
• Changes in higher education will require that librarians possess diverse skill sets.
• Demands for accountability and assessment will increase.
• Digitization of unique library collections will increase and require a larger share of resources.
• Explosive growth of mobile devices and applications will drive new services.
• Increased collaboration will expand the role of the library within the institution and beyond.
• Libraries will continue to lead efforts to develop scholarly communication and intellectual property services.
• Technology will continue to change services and required skills.
• The definition of the library will change as physical space is repurposed and virtual space expands.
Above excerpted from 2010 top ten trends in academic libraries
A review of the current literature
ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee
" Sustainability, in particular, was an issue that the committee sees as a growing trend that will probably be included is this list in coming years.

"The committee welcomes your comments and feedback on the trends. A virtual session will be held on July 7 as a part of the ALA Annual Virtual Conference to allow for a more in-depth discussion of this report.

"The ACRL Research, Planning and Review Committee, a component of the Research Coordinating Committee, is responsible for creating and updating a continuous and dynamic environmental scan for the association that encompasses trends in academic librarianship, higher education, and the broader environment. As a part of this effort, the committee develops a list of the top ten trends that are affecting academic libraries now and in the near future. This list was compiled based on an extensive review of current literature (see selected bibliography at the end of this article). The committee also developed an e-mail survey that was sent to 9,812 ACRL members in February 2010. Although the response rate was small (about five percent), it helped to clarify the trends.

"The trends are listed in alphabetical order."
Image:  "The following is the author's description of the photograph quoted directly from the photograph's Flickr page.
"My 'internet in a box'. The Mac Mini have VM Ware on it, and I've got a library of web tools on the hard drives. There's a router sitting on top of the Mini, and the services are available to the people using my network even if we don't have a solid internet connection. My favourite service to run is DimDim, which does web based video conferencing and chat.
"I'm using JumpBox systems, and having a great time with them.
"The whole system fits inside the yellow Pelican Case "
Date 10 March 2010
By Todd Huffman [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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