Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are eTexts the Future?

Are you a person who thinks that higher education will not survive unless it makes big changes? What makes you think so?

"This year was the first time that many of my students said they own some sort of e-reader."  (Recent comment on FridayLive!) Are you finding this? 

A recent Xplana prediction is that 25% of texbooks will be e-texts by 2015. Is that a reasonable prediction from where you sit? Are you excited? nervous? terrified? wish adoption were faster?

Does the rapid development of eTexts and accompanying materials (problem sets, quizzes, tutorials) contribute to or distract from the changes higher education needs to make?

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  1. The legislature for the State of Florida says that professors "will" recommend etextbooks by 2014.

    They stopped short of saying "must" recommend.

    However, middle schools and high schools are already making a move in this direction, since it will save them millions of dollars in warehousing textbooks!!

    My question is: is technology leading the pedagogy?


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