Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intro/Reprise: Steve Gilbert's Fundamental Questions 2 min. video

1. What do you most want to gain?
2. What do you most cherish and want not to lose?

More about Fundamental Questions, including links to many individual responses - video, audio, etc. and guidelines for using this as a group activity.

YouTube Video Steven W. Gilbert introducing Fundamental Questions 2 minutes Updated a little 20111011.
For more on institutional change, innovation, use of Fundamental Questions, join us online Oct. 14, 2PM ET for this week's FridayLive! "Change IS Possible Despite Politics and Counterimplementation Tactics; Counter-Counterimplementation (CCI) Strategies and the TLT Group’s Fundamental Questions."

Collage of 9 photos of baby hands, feet "do it yourself little piggy," by Bob Reid (paladinsf),
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  1. Milt Cox5:16 PM

    Steve, I continue to advocate for faculty learning communities [FLCs] to provide answers to the specific fundamental questions for frugal innovation. Research on their outcomes has confirmed that with implementation of tested approaches they [FLCs] can be engaged quickly and easily, provide steps to becoming a learning organization through collegial sharing, are sustainable, and offer a structure to provide resources to colleagues. - Milt Cox 20111012


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