Thursday, October 27, 2011

Use Template for Small Group Collaboration Cases -based on Guidelines/Resources

We need cases and examples to clarify, illustrate, and extend our preliminary conclusions about working with small, collaborative, mixed-role groups of colleagues. Working with a small group this fall, we developed draft guidelines/resources and a template  to help others describe their own small group work in a way that will be easier to share and build on. 
To participate, contact Rebecca Kurtz.

We believe that working with small groups and focusing on small, realistic steps will lead to more widespread, long-lasting meaningful changes. In fact, in these especially challenging times, small steps may be the ONLY way to keep moving forward - and in the right direction. 
- Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group, Summer, 2011

The TLT Group's 4th annual online Summer Symposium (2011) gave birth to a set of guidelines and resources - still evolving - for small mixed-roll groups of colleagues

We focused on small groups of faculty and staff, but the guidelines also speak to creating and nurturing other small groups - families, students, civic groups. 
We invite you to submit a case study or offer suggestions for improving this template. 
Better yet, join our own small collaborative group that is working on Making Small Groups even More Effective.
To participate, contact Rebecca Kurtz.

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