Friday, October 14, 2011

Query: Uses of TED Talks

What evidence is there that students actually *did* learn more from watching TED Talks (or other videos) or did they just *think* that they learned more?

What does your experience suggest is likely to be being more/less/same effective? Using one BRIEF video in a 40-60 min session? Using SEVERAL videos in 40-60 min session? or one LONG in-depth video?

Do most students experience these videos as "lectures"?  Is that the term they most often used when discussing these items?

In what ways do students include information from the videos in class discussions or class activities? How do the students use the knowledge from the videos? Papers they write? Discussion boards? Classroom discussion? Reflective journals? Do they cite the videos as resources?  

Are the opinions of the experts taken at face value since they are recorded? Do students question the sources more/less/same as they'd challenge text?

These, and other queries on this blog emerge from chat discussions on FridayLive!

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