Friday, October 07, 2011

Query: eTexts and Campus (Book)Stores and Financial Aid

 "Keeping Up:  eTextbooks" Wide-ranging conversation in FridayLive! 20110930 about use of eTexts raised some interesting questions:

What role can a campus-based bookstore play in selling eTexts?

What are the conditions associated with requiring students who receive some kinds of financial aid to make their course-related purchases only through their college-authorized bookstore?

Is there any pushback from campus bookstores when profs "assign" an eTextbook? Switch from a traditional hard-copy textbook to an eTextbook?  

Does that reduce the store's income?  
Different answer if the course previously did NOT require or recommend purchase of any books from the college store?

Are we obligated to make pedagogical decisions to support the economic health of campus bookstores? And vice versa!

Is the requirement to purchase through the bookstore a policy that could change?

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  1. That's a big question. What will happen to these campus bookstores? Still, there are a lot of students who prefer (affordable) traditional textbooks. They should work on that, and perhaps create a friendlier bookstore with a coffee shop and other good stuff. It's time to get ready, and be creative.


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