Thursday, October 06, 2011

Directional Wireless Microphones for group in 1 room with single login to live online (multisite audio) "Webinar"

Dynamic Microphone Wireless System
Good advice if you're hosting a group of more than 3 people to participate in a live online "Webinar" that includes multi-site audio capabilities:  NOT OMNI-DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE!    

We recommend the opposite of the microphone setup that would be most helpful if the group were participating in a telephone conference call. For the latter, it is often best to use one or more microphones that pick up sound that originates from almost any direction and at any distance from the microphone. Of course, participants must try to minimize ambient noise and side-comments.

David Cottrell of U. of Charleston WV provided a combination described below for our use last week with a group of about 15 people seated at a long boardroom style conference table. We were using my netbook to login to the TLT Group Adobe Connect classroom. To enable all of us to hear and see everything comfortably, we had a pair of small external speakers and a small table-based projector connected to the netbook. 

The transmitter Cottrell selected was truly "plug and play" - via a standard USB cable. I was especially impressed by the way that the wireless microphone could be passed around in that room and pick up each indivdiual speaker's voice clearly without picking up much ambient noise or others' comments at all. We quickly learned that each speaker needed to hold the microphone VERY close to his/her mouth when speaking for best results.

Here are some of Cottrell's responses (published with his permission) to my request for more info about the equipment and to my follow-up question about how effective the system was "at picking up the voice of the intended speaker and not picking up other voices or background noise. Is that mostly due to the microphone or is it also a consequence of some features of the wireless device?"

"The first three links below are to the wireless mike system you used earlier this week, two different vendors. "...The sale price on them now is a pretty good deal, $300 off the retail price. My guess is that it’s about time for them to be replaced with newer versions, so they’re on sale.

"The second set of links is to a decent system with fewer features and a different mike head. It would still be a good choice for a sound system or for use with a laptop. The Amazon price is really a good deal. The only thing extra you would need for either system is the correct cable to connect it to a laptop. The last link is for that.

Photo & Link from Amazon Associates for:  Audio-Technica ATW-3141b 3000 Series Dynamic Microphone Wireless System Channel D

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