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DULAP-Foreign Language Learning via Native Speakers-Waxing or Waning? “Operation successful but the patient died”?

What remains from the work of NELL, DULAP, VLS?  
These programs provided undergrad students with frequent access to native speakers on-campus and/or online and reduced the role of "traditional" academically trained instructors and language labs.
"The past two years have been full of language learning fun and adventures in the Virtual Language Studies Program for students (and faculty) of Chinese and Russian. Sadly, this grant program will come to an end in September 2011.
"Russian and Chinese will be taught in the 2011-2012 academic year the same way the other five languages are taught at Drake with on the ground, face to face classes with native speakers in small class sizes." - Excerpt from "Drake University’s Virtual Language Studies (VLS)" 
More about VLS and predecessors NELL, DULAP 

NELL"NELL is in its final year of funding and will not be offered in 2010." - "Network for Effective Language Learning" Council of Independent Colleges

DULAP"Traditional lecture and language lab instruction was replaced with the Drake University Language Acquisition Program (DULAP): small discussion groups led by on-campus native speakers, a weekly session with a scholar of the language, a one-semester course on language acquisition and the use of several Web-based learning technologies.

" students trained at the Des Moines, Iowa, university study abroad, she said, “they’re placed in classes way above where the seat time would indicate they should be.” Students report back that while other students in their programs abroad speak English to each other, “Drake students are speaking Russian to the Russians.”

"...for institutions that hope to expand their language offerings but can’t hire new traditional instructors, the Drake model may offer a way for students to learn foreign languages."

"The argument, Cadd said, “isn’t that this is a better model than anything else,” just that it works for many students who are interested in using a language for business, travel or family interactions, rather than to become scholars of French or Japanese literature. "

VLS - Drake University's Virtual Language Studies
"The Virtual Studies Program is a pilot program within World Languages and Cultures. Funded by a grant from the United States government, this pilot program will allow World Languages and Cultures to continue its history of innovation in language learning. Dr. Marc Cadd, Interim Director of the Language Acquisition Program, states “The grant allows the Language Acquisition Program to experiment boldly with new approaches to language learning.”"- excerpt from "Virtual Language Studies"

Still looking for source/citation and original wording for " The operation was a success but the patient died" - best I found as of 20111005: List of Danish Proverbs within Wikiquote:

Cropped by Steven W. Gilbert 20111005 to include right half of image:  "Engraving by Peter Treveris of a trepanation. From Heironymus von Braunschweig's Handywarke of surgeri" 26 March 1525 "English Woodcuts 1480-1535 by Edward Hodnett, Oxford University Press, 1973. Peter Treveris engravings no. 2394 and 2395 by the book's systematic list of all known engravings. Figure 216"
By Peter Treveris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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