Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“Hey, wait a minute!” Ilene Frank answers my question: Who’s responsible for support services for online learners?

"..Online courses are COURSES"
Ilene Frank <>   wrote in response to TLT-SWG posting "A course is not a pizza or book. Who owns a course..." :

See "Academic Advisors and Student Support" video from Walden Univ.
"Hey, wait a minute! This makes it sound like no one's caught on to the idea of student support services for online learners! Not the case! I do not believe that online courses are "sink or swim" in any institution with a commitment to online learning. Example of some services from Walden U

"There's tons of articles about student support for distance ed. More importantly, a good online instructor knows what to do to encourage students, etc. BUT students have got to be able to handle some things that are bound to happen in online learning: There's always the possibility for technology snafus. In most cases there will be some delay between asking a question and getting an answer (even though students in face-to-face classes also have some delays - but they are used to it! They might have a strategy that includes saving up questions for their class meeting. Or they might know they have to wait for office hours. Online students get really antsy about not getting a reply to an email immediately.) Time management skills are essential. There's tons that get in the way if online learning is tacked on to family responsibilities, etc. Students have to be prepared to acknowledge that online courses are COURSES and will take time!"    Ilene
See also Walden University's "The Center for Research Support" and other support services available to online students:  

"Our Center for Research Support promotes the highest academic and ethical standards in research. The center provides guidelines and sample projects to help you plan and conduct your research in your online program, and it offers an academic review of your work once it is completed."

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