Monday, March 28, 2011

Ctrl Z = UNDO Useful tip or Shareworthy LTA?

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Part I - a tip    Part II - Intro:  Tip vs. "Shareworthy LTA"
I.  Tip
Wish you could find an "Undo" button when you use Gmail?  Google Docs?  Other Google services?  Other software?
Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't.  Recently I found that pressing the <Control> or <Ctrl> key AT THE SAME TIME I press the "z" key often works to UNDO whatever just happened, and doesn't seem to do anything harmful.

II.  Tip vs. Share-Worthy LTA
What might make it a shareworthy LTA?
How personal and subjective is the use of this label "share-worthy LTA"?
In our recent Frugal Innovation work, we've been trying to figure out how to INTENTIONALLY, ACTIVELY, VISIBLY enable and encourage "faculty sharing further,"  especially for LTAs that improve teaching and learning with technology.  I suspect that a key factor is whether or not someone considers the LTA "share-worthy";  i.e., cares enough, values this LTA enough to feel some energy for sharing it with deserving colleagues.  And, perhaps, "share-worthiness" is determined by an often unconscious comparison of several factors:
  • Perceived usefulness 
  • Ease of learning and implementation
  • Ease of sharing
  • What else?

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