Monday, March 28, 2011

Students Produce Critical Media Analysis Using Jing - Free

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Advice (Briefest Summary) 
Assign students to make structured critical analyses of brief media excerpts; and then to use Jing (simple, free, online tool) to produce "screencasts" that synchronize their critical comments with the media excerpt. Require each student to record his/her narration while delivering it orally to the full class. Both the instructor and the classmates provide immediate constructive feedback. This live recording session helps many students to produce higher quality narration - more vibrant tones, simpler and clearer language.

Students Produce Critical Media Analysis Summary on as Synchronized Narration Using Jing in Introductory Undergraduate Courses

Purpose and Context

Help faculty to enable each undergraduate student in an introductory media/communications course to:
Develop skills in using a structured approach for critical analysis of media.
Improve skills for producing recordings of high-quality narrated media, especially for synchronizing narration with an already available media excerpt. 


Students arrive in the course with quite varied familiarity and competence for planning, producing narrated media and for using relevant online tools.

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  1. Brian3:58 PM

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this activity, which appears very good and creative on the outset, may violate all sorts of multimedia copyright restrictions. Primarily, Fair Use and DMCA do not cover the use of recording tools to capture copyrighted works for redistribution in electronic format via the web. So, basically as I understand both guidelines, you aren't supposed to record a screen view of WordGirl, add to it, then redistribute it online. If left for classroom use only or posted in a password protected system like an LMS, I believe both students and instructors would be 'fine'. Additionally, the terms of service on many sites (YouTube and others) clearly state that you cannot use any third party tools to either extract the video out of the site or record it from your screen. Has any of this be examined or accounted for in preparation for this assignment?


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