Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't worry about how to "capture" lectures. Already happening with Spy Pens, Smartpens, headsets!!

"Nobody needs to know you're recording."

How many students already recording lectures and classes?  Using Spy Pens, Smartpens, and tiny camcorders now avail in bluetooth phone headsets? See photo and excerpts below.
Recording with/without permission?  With/without awareness of faculty?  

SPY PENS:   Just checked website for air travel "SkyMall" catalog under the "portable video" category and immediately found 5 recording pens including one labelled "Spy Pen" described as follows:  
"Carry eyewitness in your pocket
"Click this pen and it doesn't just write words it records video. With a tiny color camera and microphone, it makes AVI movies with sound and stores them in 4GB of internal memory. Nobody needs to know that you're recording.
USB cable connection lets you transfer data to your computer. By the way, this pen writes, too." - excerpt from - Electronics & Gadgets as of 20110321

SMARTPENS:  "Write less and listen more."  
"Send and Share Your Notes
"Share your notes and recordings privately or with the world. Export your notes as a PDF, an audio file or as interactive Flash™ movies called pencasts. Embed pencasts on a blog, website, Facebook or the Livescribe Community." - excerpts from  Website for Livescribe's commercial Smartpen products for automatically synchronizing handwritten notes with digitally recorded audio as of 20110321.

Some Rights Reserved by NYM. for photo:  This is a cropped version of photo "Me wearing the new Looxcie wearcam by nym" downloaded 2011-03-21 by Steven W. Gilbert, TLT Group from Flickr Web-based photo service; Person who uploaded the picture to Flickr (username listed in Flickr profile on this date): "“; 

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