Monday, March 28, 2011

Internet, Facebook, Twitter: Revolution - Cannot be Ignored

"Facebook’s growth had been so sudden that the censors had not yet placed any restrictions on it. Tunisia has the highest rate of Internet use of any Arab country."
"That changed on Jan. 14, ... Suddenly, reporters could tell the truth.
"In Tunisia and then in Egypt and across the region, people who had complained only to friends and family felt the fear that their rulers depended upon dissipate like air from a pierced balloon. The wizards who commanded seemingly omnipresent secret police forces were revealed to be just old men behind a curtain, running state security operations that didn’t even know how to handle a virus of rebellious Facebook pages."

It is no longer reasonable to believe that Internet-based communications can or should be centrally controlled.  What about in classrooms?

Steve Gilbert
President, TLT Group

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