Friday, March 11, 2011

QTs1 Afraid of having a student with disabilities in your course? FridayLive! discussion 3/11

Our FridayLive! Bookgroup session today at 2:00pm ET today 3/11 will host Dr. Norman Coombs, author of Making Online Teaching Accessible: Inclusive Course Design for Students with Disabilities [published by Jossey-Bass Oct 10, 2010]. Register for free and make sure to read the first chapter.

We'll be posting some core questions and tips that are featured in Norm's book and which he'll be asking participants to discuss in the live session.

Question 1: Do you have any fears or reservations about having a student with a disability in one of your online courses? If so, are these merely rational and logical issues or do they mask other personal issues you may have and not thought about?

Tip : Be a good teacher! Students with disabilities are students and better teaching makes learning easier for everyone

Tip : Focus on teaching students and not on teaching with technology. It is easy to become preoccupied with the delivery technology and forget that it is about students and not technology

Tip : Provide a welcoming and supportive presence. Virtual interactions can be either depersonalized and remote or can create a sense of immediacy and availability. Students with disabilities, even more than many other students, may fear rejection rather than acceptance from someone in authority
More of Norm's questions coming on the blog and in the session this afternoon.

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