Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sample MP3 audio & automatic text transcript

Used Philips "Voice Tracer" Digital recorder to produce and upload audio file to my computer.  Used Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Premium to produce text transcript.  DID NOT EDIT AUDIO OR TEXT AT ALL.  

If the links below don't work as expected, go instead to the Google Sites Web page from which this was copied and pasted:


Has technology advanced enough so that people who have little technical expertise can now produce adequate quality versions of BOTH text and audio for the same information without doubling their efforts?  
Can the quality of BOTH the two elements produced - the sound recording and the text transcript -  of sufficient quality to be useful in making  online information more effectively accessible to people who have difficulty with vision or hearing?  

PURPOSE:   This Web page provides an audio recording and a text transcript of that recording.  Both were produced and made available on the web with very little time or expense. We welcome comments about the adequacy of the quality of these two elements for making online information more widely and fully accessible to people who have vision or hearing deficits.  We welcome suggestions about tools and services for producing sound and text transcripts with some or all of these characteristics:
1.  Produce better quality than these examples
2.  Have an even lower threshold for learning how to use - especially, for learning just enough to BEGIN to use in the simplest but worthwhile ways
3.  More widely available, accessible, or inexpensive

The recording that you can play here has been uploaded as a small MP3 file of 50kb  to this Website.
Following this paragraph is a control that allows you to play the audio recording with one click.  
Below that is a text transcription of the recording.  That transcription was produced by Dragon 11 Premium on March 7, 2011.  That software had been trained for about one hour a few months ago by Steve Gilbert to reduce errors when transcribing his voice recordings from a digital recording device.  


Flow this is Steve Gilbert, president of the TLT group.  I'm recording without any editing or redoing I want to see how well this works.  I'm talking a little more forcefully than I would normally but I'm using my works digital recording device.  I'd like to know if doing this once without any retakes or changes is adequate with dragon transcription


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