Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun Lyrics, Beautiful Images, Informative/Sarcastic Text - Morphogenesis Song!

Video from Science Song of Week blog!
honey bee on honeysuckle by Aka Hige
"Not many songs have been written about the classical problem of morphogenesis (shape change in growing organs). However Flanders and Swann wrote one brilliant and amusing song, called 'Misalliance,' about the growth of twining plants.... (Note that the handedness of the vine is known to be genetic and not related to geography or Coriolis forces.)"
- Excerpted from From:  Science Song of the Week | Sing About Science & Math Blog "Songs for Teaching, Learning, & Fun,"
Posted on March 24, 2011 by crowther "Thanks to Dr. Wendy Silk for providing this highly informative guest post!"

Learned about this from Lucy MacDonald - our interviewee for "Helping Students Learn to Study:  Why Meta is Betta"   Friday, March 25, 2011 2:00 pm (ET) 
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Photo of "honey bee on honeysuckle" by Aka Hige on Flickr.

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