Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Higher Ed in Crisis Requiring Radical Change?

" can move so fast that institutions must either adapt or die..." Colleges & universities? Banking, music, newspapers?
"...the pace of change of options presented to higher ed by social/networked technologies far outstrips the pace of pedagogical change and institutional innovation in higher ed.
This Friday we'll discuss Social Networking in/for higher education - FridayLive!  Free online 2pm ET March 4, 2011.  We'll also consider how the pace of change varies among individuals, institutions, and industries.... [and countries? cultures? civilizations?]  The inventors, pioneers, vanguard enthusiasts who have unusual roles in these changes, may also have unusual perspectives, hopes and fears.  Hopes for the most utopian consequences, fears of the most pedestrian distortions.
Right now we can see a remarkable sequence of international events - clashes between political systems, individual initiatives, and emerging communities - that vividly demonstrates how motivation and need can accelerate the use of new technologies. Urgency has overcome the thresholds of apparent complexity that usually delay rapid implementation.

Above paraphrases and excerpts email exchange among Derek Bruff , Jim Julius & Steve Gilbert today (3/2) in preparation for FridayLive! March 4, 2011 2pm ET free online discussion/Webcast/Webinar.

Also see Bruff's discussion of "participatory culture" in his blog posting of Jan 29, 2011: What Happens When Everyone Has a Voice | Teaching with Classroom Response Systems

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  1. Your not the only ones saying so: it's from Daniel Yankelovich entitiled "how HE is breaking the social contract and what can be done about it" It's a must read!


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