Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Keeping Up"? - Sharing my colonoscopy photos [Can you digest this message?]

[Original version sent March 21, 2012 to family and close friends while I was still slightly sedated.]

Been thinking all day about which photos from my colonoscopy this morning to share with you. So difficult to chose! But Sally really liked the booties they let me keep, so I've inserted a picture of them below. Of course, I'm happy to send copies of the more organic images upon request.

In case you were wondering, I got my first routine colonoscopy in 2005 and did so well that I was given a 7 year reprieve before the next one. Today the doc found and snipped one small polyp of the least offensive kind, so the results from some test in the next few days will determine whether I get the max 10 year reprieve this time or merely 5. But the 5 year reprieve is now the worst possible consequence, and that isn't too bad.

As anyone can tell you, the "prep" for the colonoscopy is the most disgusting part. Sally cleverly arranged to visit our daughter in Brooklyn during that phase, leaving only our dog Chloe to closely observe my experience. She (Chloe) hardly complained at all.

But seriously folks, colonoscopy is a highly unpleasant diagnostic medical procedure that is also an intelligence test: if you are smart enough to understand its potential benefits vs. the discomfort, you will get it done as often as recommended. On the other hand, I can assure insurance companies that they need not worry about policyholders frivolously over-scheduling elective colonoscopies.

Feeling really clean both inside and out, Love, Steve

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