Saturday, March 17, 2012

"LTAs are as important today as they were 10 years ago" - C. Ansorge founder of 1st LTA collection

Ansorge, now in his 50th year of college teaching and still finding new ways to improve his own courses and help his colleagues, developed an online collection of Low-Threshold Applications still available at

Ansorge's most recent observations re: LTAs on March 15, 2012 were offered in an email  response 
to a TLT-SWG posting about the origins of Low-Threshold Applications "Before there were Apps..."  That post suggests how the concept of LTAs introduced 10 years ago could be helpful for developing educational uses for the Apps so prevalent today.
"LTAs are as important today as they were 10 years ago when you published the article and when we began to post LTAs and form a collection for anyone who was interested.Many of the APPs available for mobile devices might be viewed as LTAs. The number of APPs continues to grow by leaps and bounds so your point of keeping up with the latest and greatest is important. It was important in 2002. Is today, and will be for the future.I continue to seek ways to keep up and do my best. Not sure there is any one way that is best, but having folks share their strategies would be helpful. We all need colleagues to assist us in this effort."
- Charles Ansorge, Univ. Nebraska Lincoln,

IMAGE selected by Steve Gilbert 20120315

Photo of Charles Ansorge conducting an online class while using a variety of video telecommunications equipment, etc.
From the Website/Book "Web-Teaching, 2nd Edition, David Brooks, Diane Nolan, Susan Gallagher" "Chapter 12:  College and K-12 Courses"  "Figure 12.03. Streaming video of Charles Ansorge's Applications of Selected Advanced Statistics course."
No info given about sources for images.

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