Monday, March 26, 2012

Keeping Up: Social Networking and Higher Ed Archive and Chat Transcript #TLTGFrLv 20120323

In this special FridayLive!, our open, insightful "Keeping Up" Panel takes on Social Networking - options and issues for higher ed. 
"Keeping Up" panel: Charles Ansorge, Steven Bell, Ilene Frank, Lisa Star, Jane Harris, Beth Dailey, Jane Marcus, and Steve Gilbert
Text Chat Transcript - including links - Below  

Text Chat Transcript

David McCurry, TLT Group: (13:44) Welcome back to Friday Live! Spring 2012. We have over 160 registered participants today, and the maximum room capacity of 100. We will allow guests to enter only 5 minutes after the beginning of today's session. Thanks for your patience and support.
Charles Woods: (13:46) Charles Woods, Library Systems, University of Waterloo
David McCurry, TLT Group: (13:48) Hi Charles.
Quinten Vervecken: (13:50) Quinten Vervecken, Brepols Publishers, an academic publishing house from Belgium
Beth Dailey: (13:50) Good afternoon from Beth Dailey, Faculty Training Specialist, EDMC
Loretta Kucharczyk: (13:51) Loretta Kucharczyk, Intentional Academic Advisor at Prairie State College in Illinois.
Cathy Swift: (13:55) Cathy Swift - MERLOT
Kelley Cotter: (13:56) Kelley Cotter--Drexel University 
David McCurry, TLT Group: (13:56) Hi Cathy.
Dale Parker: (13:56) Dale Parker I registered but the system would not take my password. Senior Faculty Cambridge College Spfld MA
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (13:56) Charles Ansorge, semi-retired professor, University of Nebraska.
 Eugenia McAllister: (13:57) Eugenia McAllister, New Information Services/Librarian Paine College
StevenB: (13:57) Steven Bell, assoc univers librarian at Temple U
Kelley Cotter: (13:57) is the "airspace.mp3" the funny audio I'm hearing or is there something wrong?
David McCurry, TLT Group: (13:58) @Dale. Your password is longer than 32 characters (an Adobe quirk). Next time, I will ammend your password to just the username part of the email address (everything before the @ symbol). Just use that for the password.
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (13:59) Hi, David
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (13:59) airspace is the music in the background - let's you know your audio is working while we wait for the session to start.
Dale Parker: (13:59) ok tlt gave me the password
Quinten Vervecken: (13:59) audio is fine!
Paul Witman: (13:59) Paul Witman, Cal Lutheran University, Director MS-Info Systems and Undergrad Business programs
Kelley Cotter: (14:00) What I'm hearing is not music. So, I suspect something might be wrong...hmm..
Paul Witman: (14:00) Got music here in So CAl
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:00) Yes, we use the email address as username and password to make it simple. In a few cases, it is a problem. We are working on a solution.
Ted Baldwin: (14:00) Ted Baldwin, U of Cincinnati
Dale Parker: (14:00) music here I am on a train
LINDA JOFFE: (14:00) Linda , online English instructor for 3 colleges, live in Ft. Lauderdale
Kelley Cotter: (14:00) Got it!
Cynthia Charles: (14:03) Cynthia Charles Dillard University Library here!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:03) And maybe even how you learned about this and decided to join us today!
Emory Maiden III: (14:03) Emory Maiden - Appalachian State Univeristy
Susan Tsiouris: (14:03) Susan Tsiouris, Widener University, Chester, PA
Jeanette Hatherill: (14:03) Jeanette Hatherill University of Ottawa Library
Lindsey Sikora: (14:03) Lindsey Sikora - University of Ottawa, Canada
Amy Sheehan: (14:03) Greetings from St. Paul, MN
Ilene Frank: (14:03) Ilene Frank - retired academic librarian still teaching online courses for UMUC and doing some other things as well. I'm in Tampa Florida
Jodi Grebinoski: (14:03) Jodi Grebinoski-Univ. of MN Duluth
Herb: (14:03) Herb Coleman, Austin, TX
Keri Cascio: (14:03) Keri Cascio wit a group from the Linda Hall Library of Science, Technology & Engineering
Emily G: (14:03) Happy Friday from New York, NY
Elisabeth Knight: (14:03) Elisabeth Knight WKU KY
Mary Francis: (14:03) Dakota State University, Mundt Library
Judy Bastin: (14:03) Judy Bastin - Butler Community College, Kansas
Cynthia Greenan: (14:03) Cynthia Greenan. Librarian with Portal of Geriatric Online Education ( New York, NY
Stephanie Wells: (14:03) Stephanie Wells, Capilano University, Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I teach Marketing and Promotions
DeeAnn Allison 2: (14:04) DeeAnn Allison, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Laura Robinson: (14:04) Indiana University Optometry Library--GO HOOSIERS!!--NCAA Sweet 16!
Russell Grooms: (14:04) Russell Grooms - Horry-Georgetown Technical College. Myrtle Beach, SC
Amy T Losordo 2: (14:04) Amy T Losordo, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC, Academic & Career Planning
Kelly Gonzalez: (14:04) Kelly Gonzalez, UT Southwestern Medical Center Library
Judy: (14:04) Judy Mavodza, Zayed University, UAE
Jordana: (14:04) Hi all, Jordana King here from Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Ottawa
Debora Stewart: (14:04) Debora Stewart, Reference Librarian, Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:05) @Judy - I really enjoyed visiting UAE univs. about 10 years ago. Very impressive!
Peter Greco: (14:05) Peter Greco, CIO, Regis University...Hi all!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:05) We did this last week register and come early!
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:05) If you have to come in as a guest, please use your first and last name!
Judy Mavodza, Zayed University, UAE: (14:06) Steve, its even more impressive now.
LINDA JOFFE: (14:07) Judy, I was a presenter at TEND2000, hosted by HCT. Were you in the UAE then?
Judy Mavodza, Zayed University, UAE: (14:08) Linda, unfortunately I was not. Hope you will visit again.
lindsay bureaux: (14:09) Lindsay Bureaux, Western Washington University - is anyone else's audio stream repeating words?
Steven Bell, Temple University: (14:09) SteveG - at a conference last week a presenter discussed "guerilla tech" - which was basically the same as idea as LTAs - but i believe he had not previously encountered the LTA concept
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:09) @lindsay. Not here.
Eric Werth: (14:10) Hello from Boise, ID
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:10) ooooohhhh.. bad pun :-)
Sims Kline: (14:11) Sims Kline, Research Librarian, Stetson Univresity, DeLand, Florida. Glad to be here.
Angela: (14:11) Amen!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:12)
Pam Howe: (14:12) Pam Howe UNCG
Henry: (14:13) Guest - Henry Merrill
Sims Kline: (14:13) Help!
Emily A: (14:13) Emily Alschbach, Research & Instruction Librarian, Stanford Graduate School of Business Library. Happy to be on as well!
Ilene Frank: (14:13) LOL!
Beth Dailey: (14:13) that's funny
Angela: (14:13) Angela van Barneveld, Purdue University
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:13) No thanks!
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:13) Gee, I had to wear my own socks
Gerry McKiernan: (14:13) I got my pair in late February ...
Pam Howe: (14:14) oh something to look forward to - new socks
Laura Robinson: (14:14) My husband had his this morning--and was excited about keeping the socks! Thanks for sharing!
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:15) Present
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:16) And accounted for! - Welcome Jane!
Sims Kline: (14:16) Net Smart (read insidre), Amazon:
Sims Kline: (14:16) (read inside)
Eugenia McAllister: (14:17) I'm not seeing any slides/ Got everything else, no slides
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:18) @Eugenia - strange - best bet, logout & in again (quickly before we fill up the room).
Eugenia McAllister: (14:19) Okay
Sims Kline: (14:19) New buzz word in Net Smart---"infotention" = "attention to information"; also chapter on "Crap Detection 101"
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:19) Book by Guy Kawasaki entitled, "What the Plus." Available Kindle and iBook for $2.99.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:20) Can't choose 3? only 1
Emily G: (14:20) Poll 3 - I can only select one. :\
Ilene Frank: (14:20) It's only letting us vote for one.
Ilene Frank: (14:21) Lots of Facebookers!
Amy T Losordo 2: (14:21) LinkedIn - other
Cynthia Greenan: (14:21) Yeah, can vote for 3 now
Quinten Vervecken: (14:21) what about
Laura Robinson: (14:22) Yes--LinkedIn
Glenn Everett: (14:22) LinkedIn
Angela van Barneveld, Purdue University: (14:22) Yes - LinkedIn
Eugenia McAllister: (14:22) I see everything now. Thank you!
Judy Mavodza, Zayed University, UAE: (14:22) Where is poll 1?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:22) Linked In Other for me also... should be another link.
Herb: (14:22) I'd be interested in the gender breakdown
Cynthia Greenan: (14:22) Pinterest is relatively new - not surprising it's the lowest awareness
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:22) Poll 1 is not showing yet.
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:23) Maybe if you use the term, "in teaching." I think a lot of people use it for personal uses.
Katie King: (14:23) linkedin
Amy T Losordo 2: (14:23) You tube
Cynthia Greenan: (14:23) foursquare?
Quinten Vervecken: (14:23)
Keri Cascio: (14:23) Tumblr
Kelley Cotter: (14:23) Delicious
Ted Baldwin: (14:23) yes, foursquare
Emily G: (14:23) Instagram ;)
Glenn Everett: (14:23) Slideshare
Herb: (14:23) Flickr
Angela van Barneveld, Purdue University: (14:24) Is social media different than an information sharing site --- like YouTube, SlideShare?
Jane Marcus: (14:24) Hi - I'm here! - Jane
Paul Witman: (14:25) Should have "none of the above" as options on Polls 4 & 6
Amy T Losordo 2: (14:25) Want to use FB to increase student participation in events, workshops, etc.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:25) poll 6 - need email and texting
Paul Witman: (14:25) Agreed re Poll 6 e-mail
Steven Bell, Temple University: (14:26) add meetings
LINDA JOFFE: (14:26) Possible that, for example, a you tube video goes viral--via social networking.
Sims Kline: (14:26) Another buzz-phrase in Net Smart:" participatory one in which a significatnt protion of the population, not jsut a small professional guild, can participate in the production of cultural materials ranging from encyclopedia entries to videos watched by others. And it is a culture populated by people who believe they have power."
Quinten Vervecken: (14:26) Social medium <=> social network
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:26) Wikipedia definition: Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
Quinten Vervecken: (14:27) network implies interaction
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:27) @Paul - good point re: "none of the above" option - would you like to say more.
Dale Parker: (14:27) Good idea Amy using FB for learning
William Vilberg: (14:27) Social Media: websites and applications used for social networking.
LINDA JOFFE: (14:27) : Possible that, for example, a you tube video goes viral--via social networking.
Quinten Vervecken: (14:27) medium is a platform
Kelley Cotter: (14:27) Web-based services where users can...1. Construct a profile 2. Specify groups of other users with whom they share a connection 3. Share information
Paul Witman: (14:27) In the sense that none of the options in Poll 6 are distractions for me.
William Vilberg: (14:27) Social Networking: the use of dedicated websites and applications to communicate informally with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself.
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:27) YouTube can also be kept semi-private to limit the audience.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:27) Good points made. Social Networking is a small part of Social Media
Glenn Everett: (14:28) Does the adjective "social" imply non-work-oriented?
Laura Robinson: (14:28) Like VoiceThread--can share media and add video and written comments to each slide
Sims Kline: (14:28) OK, how about F2F: is Face to Face an example of "social media" probably not, since where is the media ? Not sure...
Cynthia Greenan: (14:28) Glenn - I say no.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:28) Agree with Paul ---- it's email for me and perhaps for others, it's texting?
Dale Parker: (14:28) email for me too
Susan Tsiouris: (14:28) I agree with Paul W. None in Poll 6 distract me from what I should really be doing.
Sims Kline: (14:29) Take away: there is a lot of media out there.....too much media ?
Glenn Everett: (14:29) Cynthia -- but Facebook is the most popular and also the #1 distraction
William Vilberg: (14:29) You don't "find people with similar interests" via email, so I don't think it should be included.
Michael Dabney: (14:29) The New York Times online is a major distraction for me. Email is a big distraction.
Elisabeth Knight: (14:29) I'm most curious about the fact that most of these social media involve very small chunks of information which can be imparted, and how we can incorporate using these limited info opportunities for teaching
Cynthia Greenan: (14:30) Glenn - True. Facebook is mostly used for personal use, but it can be used professionally too. Doesn't mean that "Social Media" is non-professional. LInkedIn is social media, but very professional oriented
LINDA JOFFE: (14:30)
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:30) A point that Rheingold made is: Social media does not compel inattention – it’s just that we don’t have good attention skills.
Herb: (14:30) I use Pinterest and Flipbook a lot
Cynthia Greenan: (14:30) What is the SWG in Flipbook? (Am I the only one thinking Star Wars Galaxies?)
Quinten Vervecken: (14:31) flipbook: social reader
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:31) Why you should be on Pinterest -
Glenn Everett: (14:32) Cynthia -- the distinction between facebook & linkedIn: LinkedIn is overlooked in the discussion because it's a professional facebook.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:32) Steven W Gilbert
Emily G: (14:32) RIP Google Wave ;)
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:33) Right you are Chuck - It is sunsetting in April. We even did a Friday Live! exploration of Google Wave.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:33) SWG = Steven W. Gilbert AND Star Wars Galaxies!
Cynthia Greenan: (14:33) Glenn -- Right. But I used it as an example of how not all social media is non-professional.
Dale Parker: (14:33) lol
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:33) FULL COPY OF THIS TEXT CHAT will be avail incl. links at
Cynthia Greenan: (14:33) lol =)
Herb: (14:34) had a momantary crash but back up
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:34) @CathyS - want to speak a bit about Pinterest? have mic?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:34) Google+ is already showing much more potential than we were able to see in GWave
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:34) sure
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:34) @Herb - do you want to use the mic for something now?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:34) OK - I'll ask Cathy Swift to speak next
Herb: (14:35) I can address Pinterest
Susan Tsiouris: (14:35) what was the name of that book?
Angela van Barneveld, Purdue University: (14:35) Useful in what way? Just for contact? Educational value?
Eugenia McAllister: (14:35) Name of the book please
Cynthia Greenan: (14:35) I think that's the right pronunciation
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:35) Book by Guy Kawasaki entitled, "What the Plus." Available Kindle and iBook for $2.99.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:36) We hear you Cathy - loud & clear.
Eugenia McAllister: (14:36) Thank you
Susan Tsiouris: (14:36) Thanks!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:36) @CathyS - been on Pinterest 2 weeks - I think that makes you an old hand!
Cynthia Greenan: (14:36) Pinterest = like a visual Delicious
Kelley Cotter: (14:36) except Pinterest is visual-based
Emory Maiden III: (14:37) heard copyright concerns exist in pinterest
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:37) @Cynthia - how about adding a sentence or two about Delicious - and its successors/competitors?
Kelley Cotter: (14:37) copyright concerns exist everywhere on the web :)
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:37) @Emory - I too was going to mention the current controversy.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:37) re: copyright concerns.
Emory Maiden III: (14:37) this seems a little differenct in TOS
Cynthia Charles: (14:37) Can't see slides.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:37) CathyS - MERLOT personal collections .... ANOTHER OLD SOCIAL NETWORKING RESOURCE!
Cynthia Greenan: (14:37) I've been using Pinterest to research things in my personal life. I have a board for a Halloween costume I'm planning. Pictures that inspire me.
Emily G: (14:37)
Steven Bell, Temple University: (14:38) A library could create boards in Pinterest of new books received on particular topics - such as a board for psychology or one for education
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:38) @cynthia - only the polls are showing now.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:38) Successors/Competitors - I don't really know.
Emory Maiden III: (14:38) @Emily - yup - good link
Cynthia Charles: (14:38) OK!
Kelley Cotter: (14:38) Pinterest is, unfortunately, still in the early stages and lacks a lot of functionality it could have
Kelley Cotter: (14:38) but it has potential
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:39) @Steven Great idea!
Henry: (14:40) videos on Pinterest as well
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:40) But more than images, it takes you to the original website for information. Some people do publish just photos.
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:40) Good addition, Herb
Cynthia Greenan: (14:41) My fashion designer friend uses pinterest to collect images in a particular genre for inspiration
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:41) Can anyone provide links to some esp. educ. interesting Pinterest collections/sites?
Sims Kline: (14:41) If social media are addictive, when do the 12-step programs start ? Ask the psychologist.....
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:41) :-)
Cynthia Greenan: (14:42) If you join pinterest, they recommend some people to follow that are influential in areas you're interested in
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:42) To create your own collection you have to have an account
Emory Maiden III: (14:42) Terms of Use : “You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services
Cynthia Greenan: (14:42) I think you have to log in to comment or participate
Kelley Cotter: (14:43) there is virtually no privacy controls, which is my main concern with Pinterest
Ilene Frank: (14:43) Pearson has some suggestions about ways to use Pinterest in education
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:43) I just started this one on higher education:
LINDA JOFFE: (14:43) Won't use FB at all!
Cynthia Greenan: (14:43) Your mic is cutting out
Sims Kline: (14:44) Not able to enter poll response.
Jane Marcus: (14:44) i don't use it AT ALL -- I'm afraid of opening the floodgates
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:44) Also on apps:
Sims Kline: (14:44) OK
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:44)
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:44) Sounds OK here (mic)
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:44) Mic is fine.
Emily G: (14:44) I hear you OK
Cynthia Greenan: (14:44) It's better now, but what was your question?
Glenn Everett: (14:44) That's why I avoid FB
Sims Kline: (14:44) Yes.
Sims Kline: (14:44) I can tell you.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:44) don't use it, basically
Sims Kline: (14:44) Mike on ?
William Vilberg: (14:44) Use multiple accounts for different roles/hats.
LINDA JOFFE: (14:44) Jane, Glenn--that's what I meant!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:44) I figured out how to have my Tweets link w/ Facebook so I was updating status simultaneously (1 less update)... still don't have time for most of these... too busy.
Emily G: (14:44) I feel it's difficult to intentionally go use Facebook professionally/"less distracting" because the people on your social networks are usually friends/family
Ilene Frank: (14:44) Yep, we can hear
Sims Kline: (14:44) Yes.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:44) Not really a way to use it JUST for education. It will always be distracting
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:45) 4 ways to use Pinterest in education
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (14:45) I like William's idea about multiple accounts for different purposes
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:45) Sims, click on the mic icon at the top.
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:45) Turn it green
Emily G: (14:45) So the information you read on your News Feed is typically *not* professional, unless your Facebook is strictly professional and your only friends are colleagues/professionals
Dale Parker: (14:45) I just skim through twice a week to keep up with family I am not interested in what everyone eats for dinner
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:45) @SimsK - 12 Step program for Facebook over-users!
Dale Parker: (14:46) The planning groups are most useful i.e. family reunion planning
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:46) @SimsK - "refreshed" FaceBook - deleted all his friends and started over with very limited selection so that only "new" added friends could find him!!!
Emily G: (14:47) Haha, sneaky!
Laura Robinson: (14:47) I have a FB group for my student employees--we post info and things such as someone who needs a shift covered....all their schedules and contact info is posted in this PRIVATE group so that anyone can access it at any time from anywhere. That way I am in FB but only using it for work purposes if I just leave it open to that group.
Sims Kline: (14:47) I needed therapy....
Glenn Everett: (14:47) This discussion suggests the need for a separate app for educational-related social media.
Glenn Everett: (14:47) If not a spearate app, then something that doesn't open the FB floodgates.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:47) Laura - good way to keep it from being distracting
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:48) do you mean for professional or personal purposes or both?
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:48) 2 hours just flies by on social media
Sims Kline: (14:48) In fact, no one on Facebook can ever find me. If you have no Friends, and only Friends can find you, you are total stealth....agreed, this is radical, but it gives you free-reign to use Facebook as a ready-reference databse.
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:48) I teach on the weekends
Glenn Everett: (14:49) Jane -- I'm thinking of targeted uses, like contact with students.
William Vilberg: (14:49) 10 MINUTES LEFT!!!!!
Dale Parker: (14:49) Setting up groups for classes is a great idea
Sims Kline: (14:51) What are the implications of blurring work time and personal time ?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:51) The most recent issue vis a vis Facebook are the interview question (via NPR) where individuals were asked to give out their login and password for Facebook to potential employers.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:52) On Twitter, I have a personal and a professional account. I don't hide that - you can find both. But i keep the topics I discuss and people I follow separate.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:52) Interesting- I spoke with a young faculty member who has friended all his students and sees no problem with it....
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:52) Used to be that we recommended against this.
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:52) I've warned my staff about the dangeres of PInterest compulsion and the possibiltiy of NSFW images.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:52) NSFW?
Cynthia Greenan: (14:52) (Not safe for work)
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:52) thanks
Cynthia Greenan: (14:53) Most want to gain: More community with peers. Reaching more people professionally
LINDA JOFFE: (14:53) As an online instructor, I'm looking for ways of more personable interaction.
Glenn Everett: (14:53) Suggests a blurring of roles -- personal vs professional -- that many have in the past wanted to keep very separate.
Quinten Vervecken: (14:53) feedback on work in progress
Eugenia McAllister: (14:54) I do not want to lose the universsal/international knowledge I'm learning.
Sims Kline: (14:54) If I were going to get more involved in social media (I'm not sure I will) I would want most to gain a better understanding of a few of my friends and colleagues interests and concerns.
Laura Robinson: (14:54) Most cherish the connections with long-lost friends and family who live away from me--don't want to lose those precious connections!
Henry: (14:54) new app for formal or informal learning courses - CourseNetworking:
Jennifer Dekker: (14:54) more integration with academic communities
Sims Kline: (14:54) I don't wan't to lose the face-to-face, unique elements of personal communications.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:54) Don't want to lose: My personal time. I work M-F 9-5 and I want to keep it that way.
William Vilberg: (14:54) Gain: Find new sources/models to follow.
Laura Robinson: (14:54) Most want to gain professional connections in the field I am pursuing.
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:55) The thing I want tomost gain from Soc Med, in more information and connection.
William Vilberg: (14:55) Cherish: Interaction at a personal as well as intellectual level.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:55) I don't want to lose the sight of the forest for the trees....but feel that, in a way, it's already gone.
Beth Dailey: (14:55) gian - connections with colleagues
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:55) I most chereish the connections aand hate losing time.
Beth Dailey: (14:56) not want to lose: time for reflection
Sims Kline: (14:56) I see social media as a "gorilla at the door" for time management.
Glenn Everett: (14:56) It makes it hard to resist the idea that one is only truly dedicated to work if one is working and available FAR more than 40 hrs/ week.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:56) @Sims - and a sense of priorities and focused thought.
Sims Kline: (14:57) Find a few social network platforms, get really familiar with them, use them effectively, but don't try to "dabble" in lots of different platforms.....otherwise you will soon be quite overwhelemd.
Sims Kline: (14:57) overwhelmed.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:57) recommend to peers -- Twitter. Back channels at meetings are invaluable. People have discussions and take notes on the meeting hashtag
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (14:57) Don't feel like you have to "freind" your students on your personal Soc. Med sites. Don't feel like you have use Facebook or Twitter in you class.
Dale Parker: (14:57) Most colleagues never thought of using social networking for higher ed and I will be presenting the idea at a faculty meeting
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (14:57) Sims makes a very good point that I agree with.
Sims Kline: (14:57) Concentrate on the "majors" : Facebook, Twitter, Google +
Jennifer Dekker: (14:57) i second twitter for those reason @Cynthia
Beth Dailey: (14:58) I'd like to explore using pinterest as a place to house ideas related to topics I'm exploring
Ted Baldwin, U Cincinnati: (14:58) cherish how social media inspires creative thinking, but hard to maintain focus with many platforms and changes
Cynthia Greenan: (14:58) Herb - good point. Choose the social media platform that best works for your purpose. Don't use it just because it's cool
Beth Dailey: (14:58) I'd like to explore pinterest to find examples that i might bring into my classes
David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:59) Please consider becoming an Individual Member, with benefits for our workshops and symposium events.
Cynthia Greenan: (14:59) Could we get a soundoff of everyone's social media handle? Would be maybe interested in finding some of you on twitter for example
Ilene Frank: (14:59) @ifrank on Twitter
Laura Robinson: (14:59) In teaching let the content drive the technology/media--not the other way around!!
Cynthia Greenan: (14:59) @cynthiagreenan on Twitter
Emily G: (14:59) @egover2
Kelley Cotter: (14:59) @kelleyhastwoes
Cynthia Greenan: (15:00) (or @gealach on twitter if you like video games or live in NYC)
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (15:00) cansorge on Twitter.
Eugenia McAllister: (15:00) Young librarians like myself we follow professor who teachi with social media. My feedback is to stay up todate with information. Enjoyed and thank you.
Laura Robinson: (15:00) Eugenia--who do you follow?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:00) How would we focus more narrowly in another session on social media etc?
Eugenia McAllister: (15:00) Stanby...
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:01) Back Channel activities - legit, nonlegit - Derek Bruff et al?
Emily G: (15:01) I'll be sure to follow all the Twitter handles on here -- definitely an interesting discussion
Eugenia McAllister: (15:01) Sorry, Stand by...let me get the name...
Cynthia Greenan: (15:01) I need to run to a meeting, but I'll check the chat log later. Thank you all. Great discussions.
Laura Robinson: (15:01) Standing (sittint) by..
Emory Maiden III: (15:01) @evmaiden on twitter
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:02) Focus more on how much/little in what ways faculty and student interact within social networking platforms (esp facebook)
Dennis Johnson: (15:02) @denbrarian
Glenn Everett: (15:02) Steve -- How about managing the use of social media in the instructor-studetn relationship
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (15:02) @MERLOTorg
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (15:02)
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:02) Blurring personal/professional boundaries - managing the boundaries
Jordana: (15:02) @jordana_king. Thanks for an informative session!
Emily G: (15:02) Yes, I heard that on Marketplace Radio
Emily G: (15:02) Bananas!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:02) Ethical issues ... legal?
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (15:03) There have been a number of articles about the Facebook with interviews and new jobs.
Dennis Johnson: (15:03) Thank you
Ilene Frank: (15:03) I know it's tough times - but I can't imagine going to work for a place that wanted my Facebook password.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:03) nice cartoon is the last New Yorker in which an interviewer asks an interviewee to hand over her facebook acct and interviewee says "sure, if you do too"
Glenn Everett: (15:03) Are there FERPA issues when faculty friend students?
Emory Maiden III: (15:03) Senator drafting bill to prevent potential employers from requiring Facebook logins
Emily G: (15:03) I read today that Facebook is going to start pushing lawmakers to protect their users from others asking for their passwords (as of right now there are no legal repercussions for businesses asking/taking passwords).
Ilene Frank: (15:04) Of course I work in a state (Florida) that just passed a law allowing randomized drug tests on state employees (sigh)
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:04) @Glenn - I am thinking that ethical issues might be more likely?
Sims Kline: (15:04) I spoke with a poli sci student last night who's working on an internship report. He's interning with a municipal government agency. He's been tasked to write a policy, which will be adopted soon by ordinance, for Facebook for the local government. What amazed me in talking with him was that he had discovered that the legal issues about this are still emerging and there is a lot of uncertainty. Application: if a professor works in a public university, to what extent is that faculty member's social media input, etc. ar "public records,' particularly in light of the face that the faculty member is using publicly purchased computer equipment.....
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:04) @Sims - very good pt...
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (15:04) Let's try the flipped classroom and send out links to the sites before the session and then spend session time discussing them?
Emily G: (15:05) We could continue the discussion with a Twitter chat as well, if we choose to designate a hashtag
Laura Robinson: (15:05) Herb, I like that idea very much.
Dale Parker: (15:05) Good idea Herb
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:06) @HerbC - if we try the "flipped classroom" approach how can we succeed better than many faculty complain about student/participants NOT taking advantage of the preparatory instructional rexsources?
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:06) In the corporate world, where they can track every click, this is already the case.
Ilene Frank: (15:06) Can't your systems admins already know what you are using on your work computer?
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (15:06) My daughter works in the private sector ans they cannot go to or use any social media on the work computers...Only email.
Sims Kline: (15:06) Ha ! I bet they are.....
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:06) @CharlesA - How will institutions, if at all, attempt to control "inappropriate" social networking activiteis?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:07) Steve mentioned "There's an App for that" Friday Live! session, here's the link to that:
Dale Parker: (15:07) I am like Charles semi retired always on the web
Beth Dailey: (15:09) I heard some good examples of how these aps are being incorporated into learning activities. It would be great to share more examples of this nature
Sims Kline: (15:10) Illustration of a principle: it is likely that any technology can be abused. This means we need to be on the alert for how to work with technology without compromising certain core values.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:10) Our new security system blocks certain sites such as porn etc
Emory Maiden III: (15:10) many students are using smartphones for fb twitter etc...
Emory Maiden III: (15:10) seems like a silly policy
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:10) But can they tell what exactly is going on and whether it is educationally related Chuck?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:10) Could we run a session in which people are urged/invited/required to "exchange" specific resources - like the lnks Beth mentioned?
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (15:11) Absolutely silly idea but not beyond the whelm of what might happen in the future.
Herb Coleman, Austin, TX: (15:11) Years ago we had to block MySpace in our computer labs because students couldn't police themselves and refused to relinquish compters for students to do classwork.
William Vilberg: (15:11) 100 people sharing one thing would take HOURS!
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (15:12) @Bonnie. No. there is not a way of determining what kind of activity is occurring. That's probably why there will never be an attempt to limit social media.
Beth Dailey: (15:12) Maybe we could start with one example from a handful of different aps and then have people build on that
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:12) As long as the pedagogical or work-benefit is the driver, that makes good sense to me.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:12) @Chuck - my thougths exactly!
Sims Kline: (15:12) Thanks for today's session.....lots of implications, new tools, new pathways.....
William Vilberg: (15:12) One fascinating thing for me to is to see HOW people use the tools. I would like to see someone show their pinterest site and talk about it.
Cathy Swift, MERLOT: (15:13) This was great. Thank you. Gotta run.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:13) @William - aggreed!
Emily G: (15:13) Gotta head out -- thank you everyone!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:13) @William - good poin - we might want to narrow things down just a bit. Perhaps a better question is which of the things we talked about today would any of YOU like to demo/present?
Beth Dailey: (15:13) Good ideas Steve
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (15:13) I really like the idea of focusing on educational uses for social media.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:14) Agree with Chuck.
LINDA JOFFE: (15:14) @Charles, I agree.
Pam Howe: (15:14) thank you everyone
LINDA JOFFE: (15:14) Twitter for class use?
Debora Stewart: (15:14) Thanks!!
Laura Robinson: (15:14) Ditto on sm in ed.
Beth Dailey: (15:14) Yes, I would like to see a pinterest example
David McCurry, TLT Group: (15:15) Thanks everyone.
Beth Dailey: (15:15) I have never used the Merlot personal interest list
LINDA JOFFE: (15:15) Twitter for class use?
Laura Robinson: (15:15) Thanks so much everyone, I, too must sign off! I'm looking forward to more on the subject in the near future!
Beth Dailey: (15:15) I have never used Twitter as a back channel
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:15) STEVE - I just gave William the mic.
Beth Dailey: (15:15) yes
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:15) his hand was raised
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:16) I think it would be interesting to have a social media space where we can share just quick ideas about use of specific tech for education - good examples - as well as useful readings etc.
Henry: (15:16) I dropped into the chat earlier because it is designed to connect instructors with students using SN tools. It is new and FREE and designed by a team that has worked with Sakai Project as well.
Beth Dailey: (15:16) Yes, I agree Herb
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:18) @Henry - good potential tool Are you using it? Would you like to demo it's use?
Beth Dailey: (15:18) I meant Bill, I like what you are saying
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:18) @Henry continued...(or did you want someone else to?)
Eugenia McAllister: (15:19) Follow-up to the colluge who asked who I follow...UWM Con Ed class, Rice University, UMASS, webinars and Educause.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:19) @Jane - interesting idea - where do you think we should do this?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:20) See examples of materials and hear the users describe their experience!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:20) Build off of the blog.??.. links out??... somewhere else???
Emory Maiden III: (15:21) think he wants more "why" less "how to"?
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:21) @Bonnie- I am not really sure....Google+ Circle? It needs to be searchable and tagged...not sure if it needs to be a push tool
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:21) @William - good point, I think Friday Live! always benefits from the demo of how tech is used in teaching/learning interactions.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:21) (not just straight demos).
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:23) BillV - we should try focus on teaching, learning AND PROF. DEV
William Vilberg: (15:24) @Emory - Exactly. More "Why" and less "How to". Not necessarily an exposition of "Why" as much as a tour that will show me "Why."
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:25) @Jane - hmmmm.... Google+ might be a good idea, w/ circles? We could certainly have a session where several of us jumped on (and shared the screen). - perhaps we could simulate a small webinar or office hours.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:25) Henry: I dropped into the chat earlier because it is designed to connect instructors with students using SN tools. It is new and FREE and designed by a team that has worked with Sakai Project as well.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:27) @ Henry - we would love to see this shown in a Friday Live!
Henry: (15:27) Sarah Zike is the best contact - I'll let her know
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:27) let us know:
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:28)
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:29) Google+ Circles for .... "social media" .... "FridayLive!" .... "MERLOT personal lists"
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:30) @ Chuck - Agreed
Henry: (15:30) I like that last idea!
Beth Dailey: (15:30) Good idea Charles
LINDA JOFFE: (15:30) Thanks for a wonderful, professional presentation. Another reason to look forward to Fridays! :)
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:30) I am interested in this as particularly related to teaching and learning.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:31) Hope everyone has a lovely, lovely weekend. We will be sure to have some followup sessions based on your input and ideas today.
William Vilberg: (15:31) I would like more of Sally's singing!
Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln: (15:31) Thanks for settiing this up Steve.
Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:31) Thanks everyone - great session.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:31) thanks Bill!
William Vilberg: (15:31) In weeks past...
Beth Dailey: (15:31) Great session
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:31) Actually - the thunder and lightning and downpour just started here in Greenville, SC
Beth Dailey: (15:31) Yes, I would love to hear Sally sing :)
Henry: (15:31) Best wishes for a great weekend.
Scott Whiting: (15:31) Thank you very much for inviting me to this session.
Beth Dailey: (15:32) The socks were enough for me ;)
Henry: (15:32) Been there - done that X2
William Vilberg: (15:32) XOXOXOXOX
Gerry McKiernan: (15:32) Put them on Pinterest ...
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:32) The recording has been stopped.
Beth Dailey: (15:32) that is funny
Gerry McKiernan: (15:32) {:-)
Gerry McKiernan: (15:32) Sure ...
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:32) Glad to have you all!
Gerry McKiernan: (15:32) Thank You !


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